Flexible Slider WordPress Plugin


There are many image sliders available for WordPress, but, none are as lite and as flexible as this one!
Select the background, heading, text and as many smaller images as you would like per slide.
Share slides between Slide Decks so you don’t need to re-create the same slide over again.
Select the date you would like the slide to appear, and disappear, which is ideal if you are promoting a date restrictive product Sale.

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  1. Download the ZIP file from JumpingGiraffe.com to your device.
  2. From your plugin page within your WordPress dashboard click the Add New Plugin button, this should take you to the Add Plugins page (https://youDomain.com/wp-admin/plugin-install.php).
  3. Click the Upload Plugin button and select your downloaded file after clicking Choose File.
  4. Click Install Now to install the plugin. Don’t forget to Activate the plugin afterwards and you are good to go!