Hi, I'm the founder of Jumping Giraffe Ltd, a small independent bootstrapped company helping to fix web imperfections, whilst giving something back to the real world.
The internet is a fantastic place to hang out but there are so many areas that could be improved. With over 30 years of automation experience, Jumping Giraffe is drawing on this knowledge to streamline the way we use websites.

A New Chapter & A New Product

Jumping Giraffe Ltd has been around as a website design agency since 2014 creating fast sites that lean heavily on automation.
In 2021 I decided to focus solely on our products to help fix small parts of the web, our new exciting chapter has started.

We have a very busy roadmap of new products that we will be launching over the coming months, these include Message Manager. Message Manager allows you to create messages for your website visitors and display the message at the correct part of your webpage and visitor flow.
You can find out more on the Message Manager page.

Message Manager is a very good example of the type of product we have created and the type of problem we are fixing.

Have you ever said to yourself "I wish I knew about this before!", me too!
If you add you name to the plugin update email list you will be informed as soon as new plugins have been created or updated with new functionality.

Environment, Nature & Charities

Jumping Giraffe Ltd is helping fix parts of the web, but, I don't want our work to negatively affect the real world too.
Therefore, all our servers are powered by offshore wind and biofuel energy, additionally, all our staff remote work reducing our impact on the environment from commuting.

Finally, I love animals, as you can tell by our company name. So right from the start of our new chapter, we will be supporting a number of animal charities around the world. Jumping Giraffe Ltd donates at least 5% of all our profits to animal charities.

If you would like to know more about our future plans, sign up for our newsletter and we will keep you informed.


Stuart Cole
founder of Jumping Giraffe Ltd