How to Blacklist an IP address and redirect them

1 minute read

If your website is having a lot of traffic from an IP address and you would like to redirect them to a landing page, here is the code to do it.

With this WordPress function which you can add to your functions.php file, you can add IP addresses into the array called $blocked_ips and change the URL to your landing page in the wp_redirect command.

function blacklisted_ip() {
    $blocked_ips = array(
    $user_ip = $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'];

    if ( in_array( $user_ip, $blocked_ips  )) {

		global $wpdb;
		$d = date("d/m/y H:i:s");

		$wpdb->insert( $wpdb->prefix . "IP_blacklist" , array(
		'date' => $d ,
		'details' => $user_ip 
		), array( '%s', '%s' ) );
add_action('template_redirect', 'blacklisted_ip', 0);

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