WooCommerce Plugin to fix ACF Image & Video Syncing with WooMultistore

Automatically sync your WordPress WooCommerce ACF image and YouTube videos.



WooMultistore is a WooCommerce plugin that allows you to sync product information between multiple WordPress websites. This is useful to sync prices, stock quantity and descriptions for example.

However, it isn’t 100% perfect!

It has trouble syncing images and YouTube video url’s. I have contacted the developers of WooMultistore and they are not planning an update for this.

This is where this little plugin comes in and fixes this annoying lack of features.

What will the Plugin do?

It will sync images selected on the parent site and make local copies in the Child site’s media library. This way the child site references the local version. This helps speed up page load and helps with image SEO. The product image URL on the Child site will be updated to use the local version of the image.

If the parent changes the image then the child will change too.

For YouTube videos, we only need to sync the youtube URL, which it does.


Upload the Zip file to your site and Activate it.

The plugin will then go through all your products and update and images and videos to your child sites.

Q: Will the plugin sync all images that are used in the ACF plugin?
A: Yes, whenever an ACF image field is created and an image is assigned in the post page the image will sync.

Q: How quick does it take to sync an image?
A: When you press Update the WooMultistore plugin will synchronise the product data. This plugin uses the same system at the same time.

Q: Will the plugin sync other video platforms like Wistia?
A: At the moment we have only created the llugin to sync youtube videos. That said, it wouldn’t take too long to add other platforms. Just let me know your requirements.